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PolyCine GmbH is the global leader in PP-based non-PVC flexible packaging products with customers in more than 40 countries. PolyCine provides:

  • standard films and tubes for IV-bags
  • peelable films for multi-chamber bags
  • special films for lipids
  • gas barrier films
  • overwrap films
  • filling and transfer tubes
  • special modified granules and compounds
  • hot stamping foil

PolyCine GmbH is also a specialist in customer specific developments. All our products are specially designed for parenteral drugs and are non-toxic and biologically inert. PolyCine has many years of experience and detailed konwledge in non-PVC-Technology to support the customers market success.

PolyCine GmbH offers a complete product program in non-PVC technology.



PolyCine develops compounds, films, tubes, injection molded parts, manufacturing and welding processes to meet the customers special requirements. All components and processes for your product are configured optimally to allow high quality production with highest efficiency.


PolyCine supports your product development, equipment decision, processing and regulatory affairs to meet your demands.


PolyCine produces films and tubes for primary packaging on unique and most efficient extrusion equipment. The whole production process is monitored and controlled online to ensure constant product quality. The manufacturing process is located inside a Class 10.000 clean room and the inside solution contact surface of our product is manufactured under sterile filtered air conditions.

Our APP-Series (Advanced PolyPropylene) are the leading PP based packaging material on the IV-solution market.